Virtual Care

Beyond the Clinic.

Traditionally, health care has required patients and doctors to be in the same place at the same time. But due to advances in technology, it is possible to have direct contact with your doctor with Medzsoft’s virtual care app without the need to be present with him at his location.

Medzsoft’s virtual care app is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can access the app using your android mobile phone, i-Phone, tablet or another web-enabled device with an internet connection. Our app provides 100% private follow up, just like a regular provider visit. Read More

Virtual Care

Next Generation Healthcare Solutions

Patient Care Portal Patient Care Portal
Patient care portal allows patients to update their secure patient health record (PHR) from anywhere at any time. Read More.
Billing System Billing System
It is an electronic physician medical billing software to tackle with today’s complex physician billing environment.Read More
Specialty EMR Specialty EMR
Medzsoft’s specialty EMR software automates and simplifies the patient record documentation, storage as well as retrieval process.Read More
E-Prescribing E-Prescribing
Medzsoft’s e-prescription will improve accuracy, enhance patient safety and provide quality care to patients.Read More
Digital Medical Records or Electronic Health records Digital Medical Records or Electronic Health records
EHRs are digital versions of paper charts of patients that make information available instantly whenever and wherever you need.Read More
Lab/Diagnostic Interface Lab/Diagnostic Interface
Medzsoft offers the country's best network of labs and imaging centres which you can access from your electronic health record.Read More
Patient Health card Patient Health card
Patient Health Card is a web-based platform in which you can upload, store, and access complete health information of patient.Read More
Cloud based & automatic updates Cloud based & automatic updates
Our cloud based medical practice management software is ideal for specialists, general practitioners, and allied health care professionals.Read More

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