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baby bath


baby bath


baby bath

Until your baby is crawling and eating real food, he is unlikely to need a bath everyday.Two or three times a week is completely fine.

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Gather all your supplies

Before filling the tub and undressing your baby — soap that's ph neutral, hypo - allergenic and free of soaps and dyes, baby shampoo, a washcloth, a towel, a clean nappy and clothing.



Fill the tub with 5cm of warm water - no hotter than 37 °C.


Only use gentle cleansers or bubble bath formulated for babaies as others will dry out their skin.


You should only give your baby sponge baths for the first week or two.


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Slowly place your baby into the tub, use a calm, reassuring voice to soothe your child, supporting their head with your hand.


Gently wash your baby's eyes, face, neck and behind the ears with a cotton pad dampened with clean, warm water.

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OBS/GYN patient portal


Using a soft baby washcloth and a baby-safe wash , gently wash the baby's torso, arms, hands, legs and feet.


Wet the washcloth.

Apply a small amount of soap-free baby shampoo.

Add more water to the washcloth and use it to remove the shampoo from your's baby's head.

Massage softly over your baby's entire head.

Rinse the cloth well with warm water.


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Wash the nappy area last.For a baby girl, cleanse the genital area washing from front to back.For an uncircumcised boy, gently wash the penis and genital area, also washing from front to back, and dry thoroughly. Avoid pulling back the foreskin.


Now let your baby take a few moments in the bath to enjoy the warm water

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before carefully lifting them out and wrapping them in a fluffy, warm towel.


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Timing and Frequency

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Full Bath:

There is no need to bathe newborn babies on a daily basis.Two to three times a week is recommended.

Topping and Tailing:

Should be done on a daily basis.

0-3 weeks old:

Sponge bath your baby until the umbilical stump has fallen off. If it gets wet, gently dry it afterwards.

4+ weeks old:

Once your baby is around three weeks old , you can slowly introduce them to bath time.

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OBS/GYN patient portal

Morning :

If your baby finds showering stimulating, then get them splashing first thing in the morning.

Evening :

If your baby mellows out in the tub, this makes it a perfect choice before bedtime.

Choose a time when :

i. Your baby isn't too hungry or too tired, It makes bath time more enjoyble.

ii. You aren't in a hurry or unlikely to be interrupted.

iii. Your partner or another person is around to help out.

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OBS/GYN patient portal


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  • doneSoap/ Shampoo
    Liquid soap is easier to handle. Preferably moisturising soap or soap specially designed for babies.
  • doneSoft Sponge or Washcloth
    To clean your baby's body.
  • doneCotton Wool Pads
    To clean around your baby's eyes and behind ears.
  • doneBowl Filled With warm water
    To wash your baby.
  • doneClean Soft Towel
    To dry an wrap your baby at the end.
  • done Clean Nappy
    For when the worst happens!
  • done Change of Clothes
    Fresh for when you baby is all clean.
  • doneChanging Mat
    To place your baby on.
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  • doneUnplug Electrical Devices including hair dryers and curling irons.
  • doneHeat the Bathroom keep room temprature around 27°C
  • doneClose Windows Open windows will cause the bath water to lose warmth very quickly.
  • doneEnsure Room is Well Lit It is safer and reduces the chance of accidents.
  • doneInstall Non-Skid Matt and Tub Spout Cover If you are planning to use the primary bath tub.
  • doneKeep Toilet Lid Down To prevent bathing kit falling in. Also it is safer for your baby.
OBS/GYN patient portal
OBS/GYN patient portal


Topping :

This is where you clean the face, neck, ears and hands of the baby.

Tailing :

This is where you clean around the baby's bottom.

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1. Lay your baby on a changing mat.
2. Dip the cotton wool pads in the prepared water and wipe gently around your baby's eyes and do so from the nose outwards.
! Keep changing the cotton pads for each area of the baby's body.

3. Clean around your baby's ears, but not inside them.
4. Clean the rest of your baby's face, neck and hands, then dry them gently with a towel.

OBS/GYN patient portal
OBS/GYN patient portal

5. Take off nappy and wash your baby's bottom and genital areas with a fresh cloth and warm water.
6. Dry very carefully around the skin folds and put on a clean nappy.

! Keep talking to your baby - It helps them relax and they will eventually start to understand what you are saying.

OBS/GYN patient portal
OBS/GYN patient portal


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1. Always have warm water ready in the tub (around 37°C).
! Test the water temprature with your elbow or the inside of your wrist - It should feel luke warm.
2. Clean your baby's face, being thorough around the eyes, ears , nose and chin.
3. Wash their hairs with water. You can use shampoo designed for babies if you wish.

OBS/GYN patient portal
OBS/GYN patient portal

! Rinse your baby's hair gently but thoroughly. Remember to support your baby's back and head while washing.

4. Lower your baby gently into the water and support their head and neck throughout.
5. Keep your baby's head out of the water and use one hand to gently swish the water over their body.

6. As soon as you have cleaned your baby, it is important to dry them as soon as possible, paying special attention to their creases and crevices.

! It is best if you lay your baby on towel on the floor, or on a changing mat, as both the baby and your hands can get slippery.

7. Wrap your baby- It is imporatnt to remember that babies lose body heat very quickly, so wrapping your baby up after bath time is imperative.

OBS/GYN patient portal
OBS/GYN patient portal


✓ Talk and play

Talk and play with your baby as you go along, it will help relax your baby and make bath time fun.

✓ Baby Tub

Invest in a specially deigned baby tub.

✓ Bring your partner

Sharing baby moments makes a great time and strenghens the family bond.

✓ Keep your baby wrapped and warm

Before and after washing.

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OBS/GYN patient portal Don't scrub the skin and head too hard

As a baby's skin is very soft.

OBS/GYN patient portal Don't leave your baby alone in the bath

Babies can drown in as 3cm of water.

OBS/GYN patient portal Don't use hot water

A baby can get third degree burns in less than a minute at 60°C

OBS/GYN patient portal Don't use too much soapy water or lots of shampoo

A baby's skin is very easily irritated.

OBS/GYN patient portal Don't answer phone or open door

While you are washing your baby.

OBS/GYN patient portal Don't bathe your baby straight after a feed

As they may vomit


Room temprature

should be around

Water temprature

should be around

Water depth

should be around

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