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Coconut Oil as Baby Oil for Babies

Some Benefits of baby massage include:

  • done Actually, the newborn babies don't require any lotion, as they have vernix, a special coat on their skin to protect themselves from the new environment.
  • done The application of coconut oil for babies will help to protect their skin along with providing the essential nutrients, healthy fats and moisturizes to make their skin grow smooth and shiny.
  • done So, regularly use coconut oil as your baby oil.

Other Benefits of baby massages.

  • doneSmoother skin
  • doneBetter development of muscles
  • done Good digestion
  • doneKeeps the baby active

How it helps?

  • done A baby massage is a very intricate way of massaging an infant's body to promote growth and better assimilation of all the nutrients that the baby consumes.
  • done The massages make use of special oils that help strengthen the bones and promote hormonal balance in the baby's body.

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