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Playground Safety Guide For Parents

1Maintain a visual line of sight with of children
2The opening in playground equipment should be less then 3.5 inches or larger then 9 inches so a head can't get caught.
3Check metal slide to make sure they're not too hot to touch.
4Make sure kids wear shoes or sneakers in the playground to protect their feet..
5The length of soft surface under swings should be double the height of the swing set.
6Choose playground equipment that's right for your kids size and age. Toddlers can't use metal swings, seesaws, and slides yet.
7Place rubber mulch, mats, or soft surface under the playground to cushion falls.
8 Inspect playground and sandbox for splintered wood, broken glass, sharp metal, uncovered chains or loose bolts, wet spots, or missing ladder rungs.
9 Remove necklaces, scarves, purses, clothes with drawstrings, or clothing that may get caught.
10 Apply sunscreen on kids before letting them play in the sun.
11 Fence the playground in to so kids can't run into traffic.

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