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A Child's Development Milestone

0-6 Months

Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Cognitive Milestones

  • Listens attentively to sounds and voices (by 1 month )
  • Cries deliberately for assistance (by 1 month)
  • Coordinates eye move-ments (by 2 months)
  • Discovers hands and feet as extension of self (by 3 months)
  • Likes to repeat enjoyable acts (by 4 months)
  • Recognizes and responds to name (by 5 months)
  • Studies objects intently (by 6 months)

Language Milestones

  • Makes some sounds other than crying (by months)
  • Begins cooing one syllable (by 3 months)
  • Makes first consonant sounds (by 4 months)
  • Babbles spontaneously
  • Acquires sounds of native language (by 6 months)
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Social Emotional Milestones

  • Reacts to discomfort and pain
  • Recognizes parent's voice
  • Makes eye contact
  • Shows affection by look-ing, waving, kicking and smiling
  • Shows feelings of security when held or talked to
  • Expresses delight
  • May form attachment to one special object
  • Laughs when tickled
  • Builds trust when cries are answered
  • May begin to cling to primary caregiver

Physical Milestones

  • Usually responds to objects or faces as they move.
  • Plays with fingers, hands and toes.
  • Holds and manipulates objects; sucks on everything!
  • Reacts to sound of voices, rattle or bell.
  • Vocalizes to him/herself, people and toys.
  • Can raise him/herself up on forearms (while on tummy) and hold head up.
  • Rolls from back to tummy (by 4-6 months)
  • Can smile at self in mirror (by 5 months)
  • Can grab at objects (by 6 months)
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Recommended Activities

  • Talk with and hold baby.Give him/her interesting things to see.
  • Perform "the itsy bitsy spider" or other fun finger plays.
  • Provide safe, washable toys for children to look at and suck on.
  • Place toys near and above baby, encourging him/her to roll over for a better view.
  • Play instruments in the classroom. Talk about the instrument.
  • Respond quickly to a child's cry. Children at this age need to know they can trust you.
  • Use wall and floor mirrors to point out the beautiful baby.

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