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Eleventh Month | Monthly Developments

Find out what skills and milestones to look for based on the month and week of your little one's life – or peek ahead at what's coming next.

Congratulations, your baby is now at the crossroads of infantile development. He or she is going to complete the landmark age of one year very soon.

Height and weight of your baby

  • doneThe normal height for 11 months old baby boy is 70.2 - 78.9 cm and baby girl is 68.0 – 77.5 cm.
  • doneThe normal weight for 11 months old baby boy is 7.4- 11.5 kg and baby girl is 7.0- 11.0 kg.

Physical development

  • doneAround this time, some babies walk by themselves. They can sit on their own for quite long periods
  • doneYour baby’s gums may sprout a pair of central incisors by now.

Cognitive development

  • doneYour baby can recognise himself or herself in the mirror.
  • doneHe or she can now poke, and transfer objects from one hand to the other.
  • doneYour baby now understands the meaning of “no” and he or she may shake their head for 'no'.

Linguistic development

  • doneYour baby now well understands the idea of conversation.
  • doneHe or she may be saying or babbling simple words like 'mum” or 'dad'.
  • doneHe or she recognises several words.

Social-emotional development

  • doneYour baby will now appreciate you with smile and babble.
  • doneHe or she will try to engage you in conversation.
  • doneHe or she will happily bounce and sway to the music or rhymes.

Vaccinations for your 11 months old baby

Your doctor may recommend the 3rd dose of Hepatitis B,if not recommended earlier, for your baby.

Baby care tips

  • doneYou need to baby-proof your house. Make sure all hazardous or breakable items are out of reach.
  • donePlay 'hiding' games with your baby. He or she will love the game.

Your Baby’s Diet

  • doneBy now you can give more lumpy foods to your baby.
  • doneInclude a variety of whole grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy products to your baby’s diet.
  • doneGive your baby at least 16-20 ounces of milk daily.
  • doneYour baby’s sense of taste is developing, so keep trying new foods.

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