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Fourth Month | Monthly Developments

Find out what skills and milestones to look for based on the month and week of your little one's life – or peek ahead at what's coming next.

Your baby's development is speeding up now. It can be a time to introduce toys that play music as your baby is more playful now.

Height and weight of your baby

  • doneThe normal height for four months old baby is 60cm – 67.8 cm.
  • doneThe normal weight for four months old baby is 5.6kg – 8.6 kg.

Physical development

  • doneFrom now, your baby can get their first teeth anytime. He or she may start rubbing their gums with fists.
  • doneRolling over from front to back is more likely now. Some babies are ready at 3 months for rolling over while some not until 6 or 7 months.

Cognitive development

  • doneEncourage your baby to explore and play with a variety of objects or toys. Your baby may explore objects with his or her mouth.
  • doneYour baby can now see across the room. He or she may still prefer to look at things close-up. He or she will prefer looking at small objects rather than the big ones.

Linguistic development

  • doneYour baby will likely be going through the early stages of speech development. So, try making different sounds. If you say boo, your baby may try to say it back.

Social-emotional development

  • doneYour baby may hit his or her face with the toy and cry. Also, you may see your baby laughing at this month.
  • doneAll babies are different.They will do things in their own time! So do not force your baby to do which he or she can’t do.

Vaccination for your 4 months old baby

Your doctor may recommend the following vaccinations for your baby at this month-

  • doneRotavirus
  • doneHaemophilus influenza type B
  • doneStreptococcus pneumonia
  • doneDPT-IPV

Baby care tips

  • doneIf your baby has red rashes or scaly patches (eczema), bathe him or her with water only. Consult a pediatrician.
  • doneKeep the floor extra clean because now your baby will be like a magnet in picking up bits of dust.
  • doneDo not let your baby and pet share the same sleeping surface.
  • doneIt’s time for you to emerge again. Go for walks, see a movie with your partner and meet your friends.

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