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Oral Care

Good dental care starts well before first baby teeth arrive. But how do you clean your baby's tiny gums and teeth? Our guide explains.

Good oral health habits last a lifetime!

Did you know ...cavities are preventable!

Keep your baby cavity-free

Parents can pass harmful bacteria from their mouths to their children's mouths which can put children at an increased risk for cavities.

Transfer of bacteria takes place when you:

lick your baby's pacifier to clean it
bites off of and share food
drink out of the same cup
share eating utensils

Protect your baby's mouth

Only give your child milk or juice at mealtimes. During play time and bedtime fill their bottle or sippy cup with water.

Wipe your baby's gums with a damp washcloth after meals.

Cut Back on salivia-transferring behaviours and strives to keep your own mouth healthy by brushing twice a day.

Tips for taking care of your toddler teeth

  • Visit the Dentist
  • Brush twice a day
  • Ban Bottles from Bed
  • Limit Juice
  • Ditch the Pacifier
  • Be Mindful of Sippy Cups
  • Watch Sugar Intake
  • Don't Spread Germs
  • Be a Good Model
  • Make it Fun

Why baby teeth are so important

- Infection in baby teeth can pass and affect permanent teeth.
- Helps with speech
- They hold space for the permanent teeth
- Eating
- Esthetics/Self—Confidence

1Beyond the Brush

  • done_allFrom Birth
  • Make sure baby has a nutritious diet to ensure good tooth development & prevent cavaties
  • done_allThrough Infancy
  • Rub baby's gums clean daily with a wet piece of soft gauze or damp washcloth within a few days of bith
  • done_allFrom Baby's First Tooth
  • The first tooth means it's time for the first baby's first annual dental visit -teeth usually poke through between 6 to 12 mos.

2Oral Care For Kids

  • done_allThrough Age 2
  • To prevent teeth from tipping forward or growing in crooked, wean pacifier use no later than 2 year old.
  • done_allToddler Years
  • Brush your kiddo's teeth with a child-sized brush & smear of fluoride toothpaste.
  • done_allEarly Childhood (3+)
  • Under parent supervision, have children brush with a pea-sized dollop of fluoride toothpaste 2x a day and visit a dentist 2x a year.
  • done_allThroughout Childhood
  • Avoid sharing utensils-forks & spooks, cups, and straws- with your children to prevent the spread of bacteria that cause cavities.
  • done_allAdolescence (6+)
  • As soon as permanent molars come in, children can have sealants applied to prevent tooth decay-sealants can be reapplied eavery 10years.
  • done_allTeens & Beyond
  • Unless your dentist recommends otherwise, continue taking teens totwice a year checkups for a lifetime of good dental habits & savings

Teach Your Children how to have fun while brushing their teeth!

Use a soft, small, rounded toothbrush and only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your child's teeth-too much of toothpaste can overflow out of your child's teeth.

Give your child lots of praise when they brush their teeth correctly and frequently!

Brush every angle within your child's mouth. Start at outside of the teeth, then brush the inside up toward the gums.

Most dentists suggest changing your toothbrush every three (3) months.

Create an oral care chart and hang it in or near the bathroom. You can find fun charts online.

Here are some more tips to make brushing fun for your child


Allow your child to see you having fun when brushing your own teeth! Children like to do what their parents do!


Give your child healthy snacks like raw vegetables and fruits to help clean your child's teeth throughout the day.


Sing a happy brushing song and make fun noises! Play a song or download the Kool Smiles app-a fun monster keeps time while your child brushes!


Brush the teeth of doll or toy, so your child can begin learning how to hold a toothbrush.


Have fun, and remember that an early start to great oral care will keep your child's smile healthy and happy for a lifetime.

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