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Second Month | Monthly Developments

Find out what skills and milestones to look for based on the month and week of your little one's life – or peek ahead at what's coming next.

Get ready to capture your baby’s first gorgeous smile, this month.

Height and weight of your baby

  • doneThe normal height for two months old baby is 54.7cm – 62.2cm.
  • doneThe normal weight for two months old baby is 4.4kg – 7.0kg.

Physical development

  • doneYour baby starts kicking out when lying down. Kicking is great exercise that helps strengthen his or her legs.
  • doneYour baby begins to move towards more detailed and complicated designs, different colours and shapes.

Cognitive development

  • doneYou can now give your baby a variety of objects to look at and touch. Plastic toys, cloth books and soft balls are some of the good choices.
  • doneYour baby can now track different objects with his or her eyes.

Linguistic development

  • doneYour baby is becoming a better listener now. He or she will be able to differentiate between voices which he or she has heard more frequently.
  • doneYour baby can now recognise the faces of his or her parents and other family members.

Social-emotional development

  • doneYour baby can now make noises such as cooing or gurgling when he or she sees you.
  • doneYour baby now knows very well about his or her fingers. At this month, you may notice them unclasping their fists and trying to wave them.

Vaccinations for your 2 months old baby

Your doctor may recommend the following vaccinations for your baby at this month-

  • doneRotavirus
  • doneHepatitis B
  • doneHaemophilus influenza type B
  • doneStreptococcus pneumonia

Baby care tips

  • doneAt this month, your doctor may ask you to go for your baby’s first round of immunizations to provide protection against several diseases.
  • doneFeed your baby whenever you find him or her crying.
  • doneWash your hands properly before you handle your baby and his or her food.
  • doneCheck and change your baby’s diapers from time to time.
  • doneTake care of yourself as well as your baby’s health.

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