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Sixth Month | Monthly Developments

Find out what skills and milestones to look for based on the month and week of your little one's life – or peek ahead at what's coming next.

Your baby is now 6 months old, half way through his or her first year. Although not walking, your baby is really kicking on.

Height and weight of your baby

  • doneThe normal height for six months old baby is 63.6cm – 71.6 cm.
  • doneThe normal weight for six months old baby is 6.4kg – 9.7 kg.

Physical development

  • doneThis month, your baby may learn to roll over in each direction. He or she may now see and hear almost everything.
  • doneAt this stage, it is difficult to predict, whether your baby is right handed or left handed because your baby may seem to favour one hand more at a time while another hand for rest of day.

Cognitive development

  • doneYour baby is now noticing every tiniest detail. He or she may notice earrings in your ears or Bindi on your forehead, the flowers printed on your clothes, and the ears of teddy bear.
  • doneYour baby is now getting the idea that objects exist even when he or she can’t see them.

Linguistic development

  • doneYour baby may repeat syllable, like “pa”, “ba”, “ma”, “ga”, as well as other such words over and over.
  • doneIf your baby shows signs such as sitting well with support or using tongue to move the food into his or her mouth and swallow it, then your baby is ready for solid foods.

Social-emotional development

  • doneIf you are playing a game including appearance and disappearance of objects in front of your baby’s face, he or she will love watching it. He will laugh at you.
  • doneYour baby may give you kisses this month.

Vaccination for your 6 months old baby

Your doctor may recommend BCG vaccination for your baby at this month.

Baby care tips

  • doneStop your baby from placing anything harmful in his or her mouth.
  • doneYour baby may now be able to stand for a while now. Do not forget to hold their hands firmly when they stand or try to walk. 
  • doneThis month your baby may be due for vaccinations. Do not forget to make an appointment with doctor.
  • doneIf your baby has started eating solid foods, remember, milk still needs to be on the top on your baby’s dietary menu for now.

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