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Every baby's different when it comes to sleep. Learn the basics about baby sleep habits and how to help your little one have the best sleep possible.

How to Get My Baby to Sleep Through the Night

1Early Bedtime

  • done_allBedtime should be between 7pm and 8:30 pm.
  • done_allYour baby should be tired but not overtired.
  • done_allIf your baby gets overtired, she might resist going to sleep.
  • done_allAvoid this by having a set, early bedtime.

2Drowsy but awake

  • done_allMany new moms wait until their baby is asleep before putting her into the crib.
  • done_allBut this doesn’t work!
  • done_allTry to put your baby in her crib when she is sleepy but not yet asleep,
  • done_allThis way, she’ll learn to love sleeping in her crib.

Have a Routine3

  • done_allPlay active calm, soothing activities in the evening
  • done_allEntertain your baby with peaceful activities
  • done_allGive your baby a bath
  • done_allRead a bedtime story
  • done_allDim the lights and keep evnything dark
  • done_allSave your babies favorite activity for the very end, and do this one in her bedroom
  • done_allPut your baby into her crib at bedtime

Daily schedule4

  • done_allAdding a daytime feeding
  • done_allFirm up with the morning wake up time.

5Use White Noise

  • done_allA small amount of white noise in the nursery can do wonders for helping your baby sleep.
  • done_allBuy a fan or white noise machine to sooth your baby

6Keep It Dark

  • done_allThe nursery should be very dark, almost pitch black, when bedtime came around.
  • done_allInfants sleep best in the dark.

What to Do When Your Baby Wakes Up In The Night

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Nighttime feeding is totally normal for young babies. Healthy babies can digest breastmilk in under three hours.lf you’re little one wakes up to feed in the middle of the night, let her ! It’s good for her health and gives you time to bond.

Give Her Time

lf your baby is waking up a lot during the night, try waiting a few minutes before you answer her call. Sometimes, a baby just needs to learn to sooth herself back to sleep.

Patient Portal and Personal Health Record
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Development Stages

Is your baby learning to roll over, crawl,or even walk? Reaching these stages in development is exciting and it may cause your baby wake up during the night.Try to leave her for a few moments. If she is still calling out, try to calm her down with soothing songs or cooing.


Your baby might be uncomfortable in her crib. Check her diaper, her pijamas, the temperature, and if your baby is sick. Do what you can to make her comfortable again and help her get to sleep.

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