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Third Month | Monthly Developments

Find out what skills and milestones to look for based on the month and week of your little one's life – or peek ahead at what's coming next.

Now, your baby is 3 months old. Talk to your baby throughout the day and develop his or her language skills.

Height and weight of your baby

  • doneThe normal height for three months old baby is 57.6cm – 65.3 cm.
  • doneThe normal weight for three months old baby is 5.1kg – 7.9 kg.

Physical development

  • doneYour baby can bring both hands together and open and close his or her fists.
  • doneYour baby is getting stronger and at this month he or she may be able to lift his or her head up 45 degrees.
  • doneYou may notice your baby waving arms and kicking legs. If you hold your baby up with his or her feet touching the floor, then your baby may push down on his or her legs now. 
  • doneYour baby’s hip, knee and elbow joints are becoming stronger and more flexible this month.
  • doneIf you lie your baby on his or her tummy, then you may notice that your baby is rolling over on to his or her back.

Cognitive development

  • doneYou can help your baby to develop his or her hand-eye coordination. If you are holding any hand toy in front of your baby, chances are he or she will grasp and shake that toy.
  • doneYour baby can now play with his or her fingers.

Linguistic development

  • doneYour baby will likely be going through the early stages of speech development. So, try making different sounds. If you say boo, your baby may try to say it back.

Social-emotional development

  • doneYour baby’s sleep pattern may start to settle down. If you are still waking up at night due to your baby then remember that you don’t have to face it forever.
  • doneRemember, all babies are unique. If your baby was premature, he or she may take some more time to meet milestones.

Vaccinations for your 3 months old baby

Your doctor may recommend the following vaccinations for your baby at this month-

  • doneRotavirus
  • doneHepatitis B
  • doneHaemophilus influenza type B
  • doneStreptococcus pneumonia
  • doneDPT-IPV

Baby care tips

  • done Continue breastfeeding.
  • done Now, you can try to put your baby to sleep at night.
  • done Keep all medicines and other harmful stuff away from her.
  • done Place your baby’s crib away from windows. 
  • done Keep your baby’s room clean.

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