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Provides scientific animations related to various health problems and treatment options
Helps patients gain a better understanding of a specific treatment option
Spreads awareness among patients and para-medical staff
Improves your brand value

Hospital marketing professionals have seen that internet is becoming a great way to establish stronger doctor-patient relationships. Medical animations are also playing a great role in this. By incorporating medical animations into the hospital’s website and other social media channels can help educate thousands of patients while promoting the care and services provided by the hospital.

Make the waiting time of your patients engaging!

Play the animation videos in the screen where patients wait for their turn and make their time productive and not boring. Spread health awareness among them by creating more informative videos and make the job of doctor little easy by educating them of their wellbeing.

Medzsoft Solutions

Benefits of medical animations

Promote patient education
Strengthen patient-doctor relationship
Promoting the services provided by hospital
Promote branding of hospital

What process we follow to make creative animation video for you?

We create interactive and creative animations video and follow the following process.


Talk it out

We will ask your animation video requirements and accordingly we will create the one for you. We will inform everything about deliverable and budgets.


The Script Writing

Based on your requirements and the provided material to us, our experienced copywriter will write script for you. The script will be presented in a document with 3 columns: voice-over, graphics/ animation idea, and text on screen/sound effects for your approval.


Storyboarding and Styling

Once the script gets ready, we will present a storyboard of still images to you for approval. This is based on the discussed video sections and your corporate identity. We will include 10 frames for the storyboard.


Voice-over Recording

Once storyboard gets approved, voice over recording is done. We generally provide Hindi & English voice over. Our main focus is to make people understand. So we provide animation videos in both the languages.


Sound effects and background music

After getting approval of storyboard, we send the script to our animation team to make it more creative by adding sound effects and background music to the finished product.


Pricing Tiers

We make videos at affordable cost. We have various price tiers for our videos and the price is based on the length of the video, and the complexity of the animation style.