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Automate end to end OB/GYN clinical and workflow solution with Medzsoft EHR. Handle OB/GYN chief complaints effectively and give quick care to your patients

Obstetrics / Gynecology practice workflow

To automate the End to End OB/GYN Clinical and Workflow Solution, Medzsoft’s Obstetrics/Gynecology specific EHR is here that provides unique tools and features to give better quality care to your patients. It helps manage their clinical and medical information. The EHR features are fully integrated with practice management systems and they are easy to use.

End to End OB/GYN Clinical and Workflow Solution

These features are specially customized to the Obstetrics and Gynecology fields. As our software is cloud based, you can access it from anywhere at any time using any web enabled device including your android phone or i-Phone.

Medzsoft’s HIS for Antenatal clinics and hospitals can help improve hospital management. HIS antenatal care can provide quality care to your patients.

Give virtual care to your patients with Medzsoft’s Virtual Care Mobile App and save time

In the busy world, give your patients a relaxation to get virtual care through Medzsoft’s virtual care mobile app. The patient can easily book an appointment with you by going through your availability of time. You can easily prescribe medications and answer patient’s queries. The benefits do not end here as this app has lot more to give.

Access complete health records of your patients more easily with Patient Health Card

See medical history, prescription details, lab results, current medical records, insurance details and much more with just patient health card. You can easily upload, store, refine and access complete health information of patients and hence, you can give the best possible treatment to your patients faster.

Complete EMR to give quick and better care to patients

You can view detailed gynaecological history, menstrual history, and Obstetrics history of your patients. Now it is easy to create automatic appointments, send confirmation SMS and email to the patient, and remind her to meet you on the day of the appointment.

Make easy prescriptions from prescription layouts

We have given utmost importance to prescription. So, we have designed prescription layouts to help you give quick and easy prescriptions to your patients after analyzing all her health records.

Mine your data with clinical audit tool

For journal publications, you can easily help your clinicians to extract, dissect and analyze EMR data with clinical audit tool. The tool will help you mine your data and draw interferences to support your research.

View pregnancy history to manage the complications

Manage the pregnancy history of your patients in a simple manner. Now, you can record complete details of your patient’s pregnancy (gender, birth, delivery type, term and much more) and previous complications in order to manage pregnancy complications this time. Calculators for EDD are available to calculate the due date of pregnancy to know the pregnancy status of your patients. Reproducibility of patient history can help you give your patients the best treatment in present situation. Now you can easily refer your patients to other doctors in second opinion after going through all medical records and previous history easily. Salient features such as any serious complication can be easily highlighted to consider it easily while giving any treatment.

Quick lab order and save more time

Save your time by quick and easy lab order. Stay connected with lab and imaging centres. Send e- prescription to pharmacy directly with just a few clicks. You can easily measure every aspect by an extensive list of lab reports. Give the best care to your patients by analyzing lab reports and all EMR data of the patient.

OB/GYN chief complaints to handle patient complaints efficiently

Our patient care portal allows patients to complete the forms before they show up in the clinic for their appointments. Medzsoft provides you an extensive set of OB/GYN related main complaints such as pregnancy and delivery related complaints. It helps to manage easy availability of details of patient’s history and present illness. Medzsoft’s HIS antenatal clinics and hospitals can help you to provide better care to your patients. Not only this, it also helps reduce the work load of your hospital staff to great extent. It allows the entire practice to run more efficiently.prescribing medications, template medication helps eliminate the potential errors.

HIS for Antenatal clinics and hospitals

Specific medication templates for prescription

Medzsoft provides an extensive database of preconfigured specific pain condition related medication templates for prescription.

  • You can easily prescribe dosage and frequency in just a click.
  • Latest drug information is available.
  • It provides facility to create customized templates for medications you frequently prescribe to your patients.
  • While prescribing medications, template medication helps eliminate the potential errors.

Initial evaluation form

Medzsoft’s Obstetrics/Gynecology specific EHR also provides initial evaluation form that helps obstetrics and gynaecology specialists to record any patient’s initial evaluation.

OB/GYN specific reports provide quick access to reports

Our system provides functionality for defining frequently used reports and it also gives you a quick access to patient’s reports next time by adding the frequently used reports to “My favorites”. Using any parameters based on the requirement of your practice, you can easily customize the reports.

ACOG form and other relative structures to give best care

Medzsoft’s OB/GYN EHR, provides ACOG forms with which it is easy to document relative details about the patient such as contraception history, past delivery detail, past birth detail and many more details at your fingertips. It helps save your time, money and headaches so that you can spend more time on your patients to give them the best care possible. It is now easy to give best possible care to your patients with Medzsoft’s HIS antenatal care.

Procedural templates for easy documentation of procedures

Medzsoft provides pre-loaded procedural templates that help in easy documentation of the procedures performed. In addition to increased efficiency, it helps improve accuracy and patient care. These customized procedural templates allow quick and easy documentation of various common gynaecological procedures. It will keep End to End OB/GYN Clinical and Workflow Solution smooth.

HIS for Antenatal Care