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Provide your patients an easy access to check their health record, book appointment, bill pay, healthcare information and much more.

Through patient care portal, patients can play an active role in their healthcare. Patient care portal allows providers to engage patients by providing them access to educational healthcare information, confidential messaging, book appointment, bill pay, and much more. Patient portal and personal health record can help patient to engage himself through shared features.

Patients can check their secure patient health record (PHR) from anywhere at any time. They can access with their mobile devices (android smart phones and i-Phone) and home computers. They will only need an internet connection. Medzsoft’s OBS/GYN patient portal helps patient to get the best possible care.

Features of patient care portal

  • doneCustom Health Forms.
  • doneView & Request for Prescription Renewal.
  • doneUpload Lab Results.
  • doneSecure Messaging.
  • doneView and Request Appointments.
  • doneOnline Bill Pay.
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record
OBS/GYN patient portal

What can patients do with patient care portal?

With the advancement in technology now, patient would prefer to have a direct contact with their doctor. To meet this demand, patient care portal is here. Due to following main reasons, our patient care portal holds well.

  • doneThe patient care portal allows access to patient's provider through secure messaging, and facility to view clinical data and check the relevant data in accordance with health information and instructions provided to carry out as daily activities.
  • doneOur OBS/GYN patient portal allows patient to book online appointments, view availability of the doctor. It makes appointment scheduling simpler and alerts the doctor as well at the same.
  • doneBilling information or payment option is also accessible by the patient tracing history of payments and its payable amount via the portal.
  • doneIt helps to strengthen the relationship between doctor and patients.

Benefits of patient care portal

  • doneOur Patient portal and personal health record helps enhance patient experience.
  • doneIt provides 24/7 access to clinical information.
  • doneIt saves time of staff and increases their work efficiency.
  • doneIt reduces incoming phone calls and redundant paperwork.
  • doneIt offers a convenient way to patients to check their health information online.
  • doneIt reduces office wait times.
OBS/GYN Patient Portal and Personal Health Record