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Access complete health information of your patients such as medical history, prescriptions, lab reports, current medical data and much more easily.

To run a successful and high performing medical practice, practice management software for doctors are there. Medzsoft is cloud based software to fulfill your demand of giving quality care to your patients. Through automated messaging, patient care portal, billing system, e-prescribing and much more, Medzsoft helps engage patients in their care and significantly reduce your staff’s administrative work.

With the aim of digitizing healthcare, we have also developed patient health card, a patented health record management system. Through eHealth Card System in India, you can store and download medical records anywhere at any time. During normal or emergency condition, medical records can be easily accessed by the patient and healthcare service providers through patient health card. Patient health card India will help generate a rapid response for quick and accurate diagnosis and hence helps in providing better medical care to patients. Pregnancy health card and Mother Child Protection Card can help pregnant women and newborn child get the best quality care.

eHealth Card System in india
Patient health card India

Benefits of patient health card

eHealth Card System in India is a web-based platform in which you can upload, store, refine and access complete health information of the patient. The information such as current medical data, health history, prescriptions, medications, lab reports, insurance details, etc can be accessed with this card.

It is a real-time digital personal health record system that digitizes all the medical information of patients that can help doctors in taking faster and better decision.

Patient health card India (including Pregnancy health card and Mother Child Protection Card) is a portable, cost-effective and feasible way of carrying your medical records. It helps simplify the maintenance and transfer of patient’s records. It helps overcome the inability of paper based medical record system. This helps in reducing paper waste and in-turn improving environmental footprint and thereby promoting a go-green and digital mindset.

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