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Your EHR(Electronic Health Records) Can Reduce Infant mortality

High-risk pregnancies are those parallel complaints, pregnancy-related complications, or exterior issues that endanger the health of the woman and the fetus.

Classification of a high-risk pregnancy:

Many factors can contribute to the high-risk pregnancy these are following:

Psychological Factors
  • doneHistory of drug addiction
  • doneHistory of intimate partner abuse
  • doneHistory of mental illness
  • doneLoss of support person
  • donePoor acceptance of pregnancy
  • doneSeverely frightened by labor and birth experience
  • doneInability to participate because of anesthesia
  • doneIllness in newborn
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record
OBS/GYN patient portal

Social Factors

  • doneBody hair (lanugo)
  • doneAbnormal breathing patterns (shallow, irregular pauses in breathing called apnea)
  • doneWork Profession handling of toxic materials
  • doneEnvironmental pollutants
  • doneIsolated
  • doneLow economic level
  • donePoor access to transportation
  • donePoor housing
  • doneRejection or ignored prenatal care
  • doneTroublesome family incident
  • doneConception less than one year after last pregnancy
  • doneLack of support person
  • doneInsufficient home for newborn care
  • doneLack of access to constant health care
OBS/GYN patient portal

Women who have a high-risk pregnancy, your EHR(Electronic Health Records) Can Reduce Infant mortality. An electronic health record (EHR) can be an actual way to document electronically each step of medical care during pregnancy, so that both mother and baby have the best result possible.

MedzSoft Application and MedzCare Virtual care mobile application defines key functions of the record as “risk minimization by access to a complete pregnancy record, educating provision of information given to women, improving steadiness of data, enhancing continuity of Virtual care, improving communication between doctors and providing continuity of documentation between doctor and patients.” MedzSoft software can provide patient’s entire medical history, including past pregnancies. So, when Patient comes for their next appointment, Gynaecologist using an EHR will have a comprehensive medical history at her fingertips.

Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

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