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This is a sample pregnancy diet chart for women requiring 2000 kcal and includes the extra 300 calories required in the second and third trimester.

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Breakfast & Mid Morning

Early morning before breakfast - 4 almonds
For Breakfast-
• Dalia -1 katori /poha or upma with vegetables /2 wheat bread slices with vegetables and hung curd dressing/ 2 small rotis stuffed with vegetables / wheat flakes/oats
• Milk -1 cup /curd (1/2 katori) +1 Egg / Paneer (40 gms)
Mid morning - Fruits (2)


Try to plan healthy lunches, here are a few great ideas packed with nutrients needed during pregnancy.
• Salad -1 medium plate
• Dal -1 katori
• Vegetables -1 katori
• Curd/veg - raita -1 katori
• Roti - 2

Patient Portal and Personal Health Record
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record


Wondering which snacks are healthy and nutritious? Find out which ones you should pick when hunger pangs strike during pregnancy.
• Milk - 1 cup (150 ml)
• Bhunna channa -1/2 katori /1 besan chilla/1 boiled egg white / sprouts (1/2 katori)
Late Evening -1 Fruit


During pregnancy it's essential to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, check out our diet chart.
• Salad -1 medium plate
• Green leafy vegetables -1 Katori
• Dal (sabut/whole) -1 Katori
• Roti - 2 medium sized
• Curd (Dahi) -1 katori
Bed time -1 cup milk (150 ml)

Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

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