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Transform your practice with best cloud based OB/GYN practice management software and now spend fewer hours less than before.

Platforms that raise the quality of Virtual Care

MedzSoft is accessible through smart devices which can help reduce costs through more efficient management of facilities and operations, allowing Hospitals or Clinics to invest more of their budget directly into health. Doctor-Patient relationship will be more cooperative and strong, by using MedzCare Mobile App.

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Patient Portal and Personal Health Record
OBS/GYN patient portal

Trusted security and compliance

MedzSoft solutions are cost effective, but healthcare organizations and doctors need to trust that their patient’s sensitive data will stay protected and compliant. We used Microsoft Azure that provides reliable cloud solutions and it ensures health data is properly managed, protected, private and compliant.

Faster and Superior care

Although, hospitalization is the most expensive way to treat people, using smart and intelligent devices can help in maintaining better health. With the help of intelligent devices we can take health measurements outside the care setting and pair them with cloud-based analysis of this data to identify when measurements surpass acceptable thresholds. It will help caregivers to take right action at right time.

Proactive, Personalized Healthcare

Generally what happens is Patients visit their health care professional or doctor, take treatment, and then leave. But what happens after the patient leave? Is it possible to determine whether they must come back, or worse, end up in the hospital? Well, you can develop solution for this with the right tools and platform. It can help your patients avoid revolving around your door, allowing engagement to continue outside the care setting.

Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Conforms with global standards

With security and privacy entrenched into our MedzSoft Product Development. Doctor can be secure in knowing that his patients’ data is safe on Microsoft Azure and we conform to global standards.

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