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Take the advantage of easy to use Mobile app for Patients “MedzCare” and manage your health accordingly

MedzCare- An Extraordinary Mobile App for Patients

Accessible 24*7 hours

Get the care anywhere at any time with just a few clicks.

Easy Appointment Booking

You can easily book an appointment or reschedule it with your doctor according to your plan.

Best Pregnancy and Antenatal Care

Get the best possible pregnancy care from your doctor through MedzCare.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Stay updated with animated healthcare videos, health-related blogs and articles

Monitor Your Health

Easy to track your health with specially designed features of MedzCare

Features of Mobile App for Patients- MedzCare

We have designed an easy to use mobile app, MedzCare, with special features for those who are pregnant, trying to conceive and have any gynaecological problem (or problems). The user can sign in as a guest user or with patient health card number.

Healthcare videos

You can see medical animation videos on pregnancy care. You will learn everything about your baby’s development and body changes when you are pregnant.

Knowledge centre

We have this section for educational purpose. You can read health related blogs and articles. Accordingly, you can manage your health.

Weekly activity

You will get some tips and guidance through each gestation period with information related to nutrition and other behaviours that support a healthy pregnancy.

Kick count

Kick count measurement is expected daily from the 24th week of Pregnancy. App records and maintains their trends and informs about complications.

Blood sugar

It helps to monitor and keep record for the Blood sugar level of a patient.


It calculates the BMI and displays the expected weight gain at every stage of pregnancy. Also, indicates if the patient is underweight/Normal/Overweight or obese.


With this app just push one button to start timing a contraction and then one button to stop. Also records the severity of the pain

Test and time

Get week wise calendar of list of tests which you should undergo to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Blood pressure

Insert your Systolic & Diastolic Blood Pressure in the app and know how much it should be in the ongoing trimester.

Clinical data management

The app helps in easy maintenance of clinical data such as appointment details, electronic health records, lab reports, and invoice details etc.

  • doneAppointment- Easily book, cancel and reschedule an appointment with your doctor with just a few clicks.
  • doneEHR- View your detailed health record.
  • doneLab reports- View results of lab reports.


In emergency situations, patient (if a card user) can easily do emergency registration and book an ambulance.

Monitor and track your health easily with MedzCare

Patients can now easily monitor their health and track their progress with a multitude of tools available on our mobile app.

Through MedzCare, patients can learn everything which they need to know about their pregnancy with one easy glance, and feel more connected to their Doctor throughout their pregnancy & other health problems related to Gynae & OBS. You will get the best pregnancy and antenatal care with our mobile app.

Benefits of MedzCare

Trying to Conceive
Gynecological Problems

Get the care you want anywhere at any time.