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Implement Medzsoft’s HMS, an intelligent solution, at your clinic or hospital to enhance profitability and overall business success. Now, run your small or big practice smoothly with a doctor and hospital friendly software designed with quality features.


Medzsoft is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified software which is a fully integrated, comprehensive EHR solution that helps healthcare organizations to address the complexities of Ob-Gyn care in all aspects of reproduction ranging from pregnancies to preventative care and acute to chronic conditions. It provides a secured application-to-application electronic messaging for the Ob-Gyn care industry, including clinics, hospitals, Pharmacies, labs, and billing. Apart from these, you can easily refer your patients to other department according to her current condition.

This cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It comes with preloaded Ob-Gyn templates that help healthcare professionals with a multitude of symptoms and conditions so that they can attend more patients while providing better care. Medzsoft Ob-Gyn EHR Software is specifically tailored for various Obstetrics and Gynecology practices at Hospitals where medical staff can easily manage its features that range from check in details, track referrals, and comprehensive reports generation.

Patient Portal and Personal Health Record
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record


  • done A fully integrated, comprehensive, and ISO 9001: 2008 certified EHR solution
  • done Helps to address overall complexities of Ob-Gyn care that range from prenatal to postnatal conditions including preventative care.
  • done Allows a secured application-to-application electronic messaging
  • done Provides preloaded templates to help healthcare professionals with a multitude of symptoms and conditions to save their time and effort.
  • doneEasily refer your patients to another department as per their current condition.
  • done Helps medical staff easily manage various hospital functions such as check-in details, track referrals, and comprehensive report generation.
OBS/GYN patient portal

Our vision

Use the power of Technology to empower healthcare organizations. Use the Medzsoft’s hospital management software which is comprehensive, easily usable and affordable. It is a complete hospital and doctor friendly software with the best in quality features to run small or big practices very smoothly.

Medzsoft Hospital Management Software- Core module

Patient Administration
Clinical management
Gyn/Obs Practice management
Resource management
Financial management
Management and Information System (MIS)

Patient Administration

It includes processes of front offices, back office and nursing station.

  • done Front Office controls various functions such as handling of appointments, registrations, admission (if required) and discharge of patients.
  • done Back office controls functions of maintenance, In-patient billing, and patient scheduling.
  • done Nursing station- Nursing station controls administrative functions such as service orders, indents, duty roaster (night and day shift) and transfer; and clinical functions, such as patient encounter in wards, information transfer between doctors and hospital staff and discharge summary of patients.

Clinical management

  • done Laboratory management-It involves lab scheduling, lab tests order acceptance, lab kit management, inventory management and other lab work lists. All lab records of patients can be easily maintained. Sending lab reports to doctors and patients is now easy.
  • done Operation theater management: Once the patient is admitted to the hospital, then some extra work has to be done. To reduce the work load, data can be easily maintained with Medzsoft. Operation Theatre management can be done with easy Theatre scheduling, procedure details, equipment usage details, drugs and disposable consumptions and much more
  • done Medical records-It helps keep the track of patient history, his out-patient and in-patient details, and all details related to his case.
  • done Personnel management-This helps to keep the track of employee details, their joining date, resignation or retirement, daily or monthly duties and Leave Management.

Resource management

  • done Pharmacy-In-house prescription, dispensing and the inventory of in-house medications and other health care supplies can be well managed with the pharmacy modules.
  • done Ambulatory-It helps in easy ambulance and personnel scheduling so that ambulance can be send to the patient at right time./li>
  • doneMedical equipment management-It helps keep all the equipment details, maintenance schedule, and their stock management.
  • doneInventory management-It keeps the record of inventory and their point of sale.
  • doneGeneral stores- It keeps the track of indent receipts, purchase orders, material receipts, stock transfer, inventory control, calling for tenders, material inspection and acceptance etc.

Gyn/Obs Practice management

  • done Now you can enhance your practice with Medzsoft and can give your patients a better care. Ob/Gyn can find, select and filter key information for pregnant women and identify a number of women due in a particular week or month with just few clicks on the software. It is easy to document the first physical examination with the Obstetric initial exam feature. Many more features such as EMR, Virtual care mobile app, EHR, labs and diagnostics, patient care portal etc are there to make the practice of doctors smooth.

Financial management

  • done Handling of billing tasks is little difficult. With Medzsoft HMS, all accounts details can be easily handled with more accuracy. In-Patient or Out-Patient registration and billing, receipts, refunds, doctors and hospital staff income summary and all other accounts related tasks can be well managed.

MIS (Management and Information System)

  • done Clinical decision support-A complete details of patient medical records can easily help doctors make decisions related to disease profile and its management.
  • done Market analysis- It can help keep the track of patient’s profile. It can easily be seen that how many patients are suffering from particular disease. Patient data can be easily maintained.
  • done Financial decision support- All accounts related data like billing summary, payments, income summary of patients and his family can be seen to make best possible financial decision with respect to particular patient.
Patient Portal and Personal Health Record

Enhance your practice with Medzsoft…

  • donePatient can get reminder for appointment and medications with Medzsoft virtual care mobile app.
  • doneAll the detailed health information of patients can be accessed with patient health card and so the best care can be given to them.
  • doneHighlight the salient points such as any serious condition and consider them while referring your patients to other doctors on second opinion.
  • doneRefer your patient easily from one department to other according to her condition and help them get the faster care in a better way.
  • doneAutomatically calculate weight change from the first visit till last visit.
  • doneEasily track the previous time when Ante-partum Form was sent to Labor & Delivery.
  • doneAlways keep track of updates related to EDD changes

Therefore, it is the need of an hour to implement an intelligent solution at your clinical or hospital settings to enhance interoperability with seamless data exchange between various departments for enhanced profitability and overall business success.

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